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Melledenevers - creator of fairy elven jewelery

Creative craftswoman of jewels, accessories and unique fairy clothes inspired by nature and the fantastic world. Melledenevers is the magic of fairies, dragonflies, dragons, butterflies and bats mounted on jewels.

An imaginary nature that will make you dream with these palettes of colors and enchanting gradations.

Fantastic creations crafted with surgical steel studded with precious stones.

Used materials:

- stainless steel

- bronze or copper metal

- gold plated

- silver plated

- precious stones

- resins

- plants

- polymer clays

- paints

- glass and crystals

- plastics

- fabrics

- Magic (and yes, the magic of the imagination!)


No animal material is used.

I work with gems, precious and semi-precious stones, natural or tinted. The stones live. They can deteriorate, change colors in contact with chemicals such as perfumes, creams ... or in contact with the acidity of the skin.

It is not recommended to wash or do the dishes with jewelry.

The brand Melledenevers is registered and the creations protected. Any copy is liable to prosecution.

The creator:

This is the passage where the designer has to present herself ... but it's hard to talk about either ...

Let's start at the beginning:

My name is Anne-Julie, when I was a baby I played with the earrings and necklaces of people who took me in their arms.

Growing up, I made jewels with what I found: pearls, wire, paper clips ...

When I was 14 years old, I began the apprenticeship in jewelery with a designer in Lille (59).

When I graduated, I had to make a choice between my two great passions:

singing and jewelry creation; and I chose singing. So here I am for 10 years of study.

But in 2011 I feel that I miss jewelry creation in my life to be totally fulfilled.

Dreaming of the fantastic world and nature, I knew what I wanted to create ... to create a magical and dreamy universe through my creations.

In 2013, I jump the step. I create my company with the desire to transmit this fabulous world.

All my creations are made with passion and I hope you will like them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

I love to create, constantly and find new techniques to push the limits of creation.