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Maintenance advices :

- It is quite normal for a piece of jewelry worn on a daily basis to show signs of wear, whatever its composition.

- The chains and fasteners of the earrings are made of surgical steel. This alloy is stainless and hypoallergenic. It does not require any maintenance.

- However, as you know my wings are not made of surgical steel. They are flexible and demand your attention.

- Stones are fragile and can deteriorate over time on contact with chemicals such as perfumes, colognes, chlorine ... or with strong acidity of the skin.



Jewelry :

- must not be in contact with water, chemical products and must not be stored in a humid place.

- use a cluster of quartz, a flower of life or incense to recharge and purify the stones.

- should be removed when bathing, exercising and when you sleep.

- must be stored carefully.

(for example: do not put them pell-mell in a bag with the rest of your belongings.)

- Must not be within reach of children and pets.

 Logo-retournée - Volute-colorée.jpg