Points of sale: shops and medieval festivals

For professionals or organizers of medieval festivals who wish to work with me, you can contact me:



The points of sale:

Here are the shops with which I collaborate:

Cthulhu Ink - 6 rue Dugommier - PARIS

The Librairie du Savoir-Etre - 97 rue des Halles - TOURS

The Garden of Fairies - MONTHEY - SWITZERLAND

Red Sky - 62 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau - DIJON

Gilliane Creations - 193 rue du Perroy - BETHUNE (Pas-de-Calais)

Enchanted Earth - 10 rue du General De Gaulle - GUERLESQUIN (Brittany)

Medieval festivals:

Here are my travels with my itinerant fairy shop: France and Belgium